Why Buy Velocite

It is easy to make the normal claims of excellent performance, best technology, and unsurpassed value. After all, virtually every other bike company makes the same claims. What makes Velocite different is that from the earliest beginnings in 2008 we committed to actually delivering on these promises.

1. Excellent performance

Our carbon fiber frames benefit from extensive computer aided design (CAD) engineering, FEA analysis and full dynamic simulations to deliver a carbon layup that satisfy our exact stiffness and weight targets. Once the computer aided modelling and testing is completed, the frames enter the prototype stage where they are subjected to EN/CEN testing and our own Velocite Live Testing Program.

Our alloy frames follow a similar path, often requiring the use of new techniques and novel approaches to satisfy our performance targets. We are the only manufacturer that offer a 100% shot peened alloy frame, and are one of the very few manufacturers that perform full EN testing on a lightweight alloy road frame.

All of this ensures that the Velocite frames, wheels and components that you buy have been extensively tested and tuned for maximum performance by computer simulations, laboratory machines, by our racing team, and dedicated product testers.

2. Technology

Our carbon frames, wheels and components use the highest grade Japanese origin Torayca, or Mitsubishi high modulus carbon (HMC) fiber. We focus on unidirectional carbon fiber for most of our products because it offers some unique advantages to layup while minimising weight. 3k woven carbon fiber is also used in places of omnidirectional stress.

Our top of the range frames are made using a patented high compaction process (HCT) that delivers perfectly smooth side walls, both inside and outside. This minimises the use of special putty to touch up the irregularities and it also maximises strength at minimal weight.

3. Unsurpassed value.

None of our products are made to satisfy a price point. There is no “range filler” in our product offering, thus everything we make has the same task: be the best. We can therefore boldly claim that our products will perform on par, or exceed the performance of the best regarded competing products in each category, while costing considerably less.

What about the warranty?

All Velocite carbon frames carry a 5 year warranty, while titanium and alloy products have a lifetime warranty. All frames are covered by a 3 year crash replacement program.

All wheels carry a 2 year warranty and a 2 year crash replacement program cover.

Customers in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore also benefit from our free pick-up and delivery service for all valid warranty claims

Velocite Upgrade policy

Because of our commitment to be the best, we must keep developing our products and making improvements over time.  To allow you the same opportunity to keep up to date and stay with the best products, we have a Velocite Upgrade policy where we will upgrade you to the current model at a significant discount over the minimum purchase price. Click here to read more

Velocite brand is very new, where can I find out more about you and your products?

Here are some helpful links. You will also find a good amount of information already available on the internet, and soon through the print media.