Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike Review

Road bike, we have heard a lot about the best road bikes of 2020, the differences between a road bike and mountain bike, road bike and hybrid, and so on. Sometimes you just need a name to search for along the journey of buying a bike or even to research a new sport.

And get to know a good cheap road bike in the row will never be wrong for any beginner. Today, that affordable and great in usage bike I want to bring up is the Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike. With stable performance and an unexpectedly low price, this bike should be one of the great ones to mention in the review.

General Impression

Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike
Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike

First thing first, the price! If you are unsure about getting a really expensive gear and bike for your first few months of riding, you’ll be impressed with the $500 price from the Nashbar AL1 Sora Road Bike. It is notable for the ability to make a comfortable and easy-riding bike.

Another plus I want to add-on for this Nashbar AL1 is the modern but elegant look of the bike. They got the white frame that goes with the handlebars and the padding. Well, some people prefer a colorful bike or neon one for the reason of safety, but in this case, if you are biking in the daylight with this AL1, you might feel it just can’t be more elegant on the bike. The graphic on the frame is also subtle, but it helps to make the white color stand out. But, you know the cons of getting a white bike – you would have to clean it more often for the best look in a long time!